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A Crossroads of Culture, Race and Tradition.
Preserve it … Experience it.

What better way to study history? Being able to do these things may be something you take for granted, but suppose these places were lost through neglect or destroyed by the march of progress? Luckily, someone took enough interest to preserve these places for future generations. Now is our time to take interest, to continue this tradition, to preserve our heritage.

The Natchitoches Historic Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of historic sites in our areas. Such as the Cunningham Law Office, the Roque House, and the Hankin’s House. By becoming a member of the Foundation you are able to become part of history. Your contributions are used to support projects that will increase awareness of the historical importance of this area, and to support restoration and preservation of historic sites. Many sites are in danger due to neglect, vandalism, development, and callous public policy. However this loss is not inescapable.

Through your efforts in concert with the Natchitoches historic Foundation, these places can be saved. As a member, you can know that you are doing your part to ensure that our heritage is part of the future. As a member of the Natchitoches Historic Foundation you will receive a semi-annual newsletter form the Foundation concerning all activities; you are eligible to attend all Foundation activities, not limited to biannual meetings, educational seminars, and long range planning activities. For more information, email us at

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Natchitoches Historic Foundation

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Hundreds of people from around the world have enjoyed our Haunted History and Christmas by Candlelight Tours.
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Natchitoches Historic Foundation

Preservation Works! Program

NHF wants everyone to have the opportunity to help preserve our community. Through our Preservation Works! program, you fund the preservation project you want to sponsor and we'll see to the details.
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The fate of our heritage rests with each one of us. In joining NHF, you are actively strengthening the cause of preservation in the Natchitoches area.
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